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Phase one: July 5th – July 25th

 Results  that Move Us

8,000 skilled nursing facility beds.
22,000 successful rehabs annually.
600,000 lives touched every year.
They are just a few of the results that add up to an outstanding record of success in short-term rehab.

Phase two: July 26th – August 15th

Teams that Move us

Behind the results are our team members, 38,000 in all. Top healthcare professionals, leading specialists, experienced therapists, experts in every field—the sharp minds, caring hearts and healing hands that make all the difference in the world to those we serve every day.

Phase three: August 16th – September 2nd

Stories that Move Us

Our results say a lot. Our teams speak volumes. But is in the words of our patients and residents, those who come to us in pain, sometimes in despair, but who find within our walls new hope and renewed health that the real story is told.Their testimonials are an inspiration.

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